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Surface treatment industry belongs to the supporting processing nature of the industrial field

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Surface treatment industry belongs to the supporting processing nature of the industrial field

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Dalian metal surface treatment, environmental rectification aims to make surface treatment enterprises more formal, rather than let them disappear. At present, there are more than 15,000 surface treatment enterprises in China, among which, the annual output value of enterprises above the scale is 100 billion yuan and the processing output is 1 billion square meters. Surface treatment is not only an important processing link in the traditional machinery industry, but also an important supporting link in high-end equipment manufacturing industry, advanced information technology industry and other fields. Its technological level and development directly determine the development of other industrial sectors. Therefore, the surface treatment industry in the future development can be said to be irreplaceable.

Surface treatment covers a wide range of industries, product categories, market demand. The surface treatment industry belongs to the industrial field of supporting processing nature, which needs to deal with other industries, and the functional coating of the alloy catalytic liquid combines the wear-resisting layer, anti-friction layer, conductive layer, optical layer into one, forming a amorphous alloy layer, which is suitable for a variety of different fields. The rapid development and wide application of surface treatment is considered as an important advance in the field of manufacturing. In aerospace, electronics, automotive, energy, petrochemical, mining and other industrial sectors have been widely used.

Due to the variety of surface treatment technology, the development of each kind of technology in each field is independent. Therefore, the advantages of advancements and substitutability between enterprises using different kinds of surface treatment technologies, such as the patented alloy catalytic liquid technology, determine the competitive advantage. The long-term and effective operation of enterprise pollution treatment facilities requires the joint efforts of ecological and environmental departments, surface treatment enterprises, technical service enterprises and other parties. Take advantage of the continuous development of network communication technology, not only to carry out face-to-face guidance and services, but also to carry out remote assistance on the network.

Upgrading and phasing out old technologies is nothing new for manufacturing, as China has been doing for years. But now, reform and survival are caught in a dilemma. Due to the impact of the trade war, many Chinese enterprises are speeding up the pace of replacing and phasing out old technologies. It is more urgent than ever for surface treatment enterprises to eliminate traditional electroplating for environmental protection alloy catalytic technology. The traditional surface treatment industry is vigorously remediation of pollution electroplating, the number of surface treatment processing plants decreased sharply; On the other hand, the market for surface treatment products in short supply, the need for more surface treatment enterprises to fill the market gap.

Therefore, industrial transfer is imperative. Cyanidation zinc, copper, silver, gold, gold, gold and some activation fluid, such as plating solution to use cyanide. Cyanide is a major drug that can inhibit the production of human respiratory enzymes. Accidental ingestion and inhalation of trace cyanide can cause severe poisoning and even death. Cyanide, when exposed to acid or acid fog, breaks down to release a highly toxic, flammable hydrogen cyanide gas.


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