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What factors should be considered when the rim tread shape design

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What factors should be considered when the rim tread shape design

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Dalian metal surface treatment, mechanical manufacturing enterprise recruitment difficult not phenomenon in recent years, a few years ago due to the influence of the international and domestic economic situation, the international and domestic machinery industry market is sluggish, the traditional mechanical manufacturing enterprise management difficult, struggling, supply is basically a struggling to maintain the situation, then add a large number of state-owned, collective machinery manufacturing industry restructuring operation, make the large number of engineering and technical personnel (engineer) and the outflow of skilled workers and unemployed, living on the part of the individual private enterprise, part of the profession production did something else, that is reduced more than half from the base.

These skilled workers do almost all their own work, hire a junior or two, and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. They won't work for others to earn thousands of yuan a month. In the enterprise, the salary of managerial personnel is much higher than that of technicians, so the real technicians do not go to the enterprise to apply for jobs. In the inspection process, combined with environmental inspectors to look back, the environment around, inspector rectification of illegal enterprises, even "and" pretend "and" surface rectification rectification ' 'perfunctory rectification, and other areas of the ecological environmental protection, formalism and bureaucracy, "one size fits all" lazy hammered political, idle political behavior and inspector rectification of negative to deal with and the failure to bear, and disorderly regulatory governance issues, soft regulation, blind, solid push to implement the central decision-making and deployment.

Hydrogen energy is an ideal clean energy and important industrial chemicals. Electrocatalytic decomposition of water is recognized as a green hydrogen production technology. Although noble metal based materials exhibit excellent catalytic performance, their high price limits their application. Therefore, a large number of researchers are working on the development of non-noble metal water decomposition catalysts with high activity and stability. The diameter of train wheel has a great influence on itself and the whole vehicle. On the one hand, the larger the wheel diameter, the higher the center of gravity of the vehicle, the worse the dynamic performance of the vehicle.

On the other hand, increasing the diameter of the train wheel can reduce the contact stress of the wheel and rail, reduce the abrasion speed of the train wheel, increase the heat capacity of the train wheel, and improve the bearing capacity of the tread brake heat load. The value of the diameter of the train wheel should also pay attention to the standardization of specifications so as to facilitate the manufacture and maintenance of the train wheel. In order to improve the rim hardness and improve its service life, the wheel tread in production is quenched. From the wheel life point of view to consider the rim, the thicker the better. But from the wheel weight and new wheel diameter Angle rim thickness should be as small as possible. Rim thickness size has advantages and disadvantages, should be based on the specific vehicle use conditions and the above factors to determine the comprehensive.

The shape design of the rim tread should consider the fit with the shape of the rail head. The ideal fit state of the wheel and rail shape can effectively reduce the contact stress and abrasion, help to improve the performance of the train's passing curve, and effectively improve the critical speed of the train's instability. At the same time, the new tread should be designed as close as possible to the shape after wear, so as to reduce the amount of metal cutting on the modified surface. Through the necessary metal surface treatment, the rim tread to maintain the surface hardness and wear resistance.


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