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Application of metal surface treatment in high-speed railway

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Application of metal surface treatment in high-speed railway

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Dalian metal surface treatment, mechanical manufacturing enterprise recruitment difficult not phenomenon in recent years, a few years ago due to the influence of the international and domestic economic situation, the international and domestic machinery industry market is sluggish, the traditional mechanical manufacturing enterprise management difficult, struggling, supply is basically a struggling to maintain the situation, then add a large number of state-owned, collective machinery manufacturing industry restructuring operation, make the large number of engineering and technical personnel (engineer) and the outflow of skilled workers and unemployed, living on the part of the individual private enterprise, part of the profession production did something else, that is reduced more than half from the base.

High-speed railway is a shining card to show China's national image. Under the strong promotion of the state, China's "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed railway network has basically taken shape. With the rapid pace of high-speed railway construction, the new economic form of "high-speed railway economy" has played an important role in driving the development of related industries, with the advantage of metal and other material surface treatment industries. The opening up of China's manufacturing industry is not to export backward production capacity to foreign countries, but to promote automated production equipment and high-end assembly lines to backward regions abroad. Current stage is the key moment that grasps market resource afresh.

Electroplating enterprises all over the country are working on speed and environmental protection technology. First master the key environmental surface treatment technology, can get the market share. In order to uphold the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, the maximum use of old things, the west railway station overpass 80 percent railing for the original railing use. The old railings will continue to use after metal surface rust renovation. After elevator canopy is changed from endurance plate to toughened glass, not only firm, transmittance is good, also need not maintain often again change. The surface treatment of TV sets mainly adopts material surface treatment technologies such as electroplating, electroless plating and alloy catalytic solution. These surface technologies can not only make the appearance of TV sets full of texture, but also play an important role in corrosion resistance and rust resistance, especially alloy catalytic solution technology.

The structure design and accurate preparation of new high-strength and tough porous titanium alloy were combined with electron beam additive manufacturing technology of titanium alloy, in-situ preparation surface treatment technology of barium titanate piezoelectric ceramics and in vitro ultrasonic clinical treatment technology to develop porous titanium alloy artificial bone materials that meet the requirements of bone tissue repair.

Straight tooth gear in mesh is the whole tooth at the same time into, between the teeth and teeth is "positive rigid", will produce a strong impact, and vibration will be more obvious. Helical gear meshing will not be like straight teeth so stiff, in a relatively gentle way gradually into, out of meshing, first point, then surface, and then point, the load is gradually increased, so the working state will be very stable. Helical gear is characterized by smooth transmission, strong bearing capacity, small noise and impact, suitable for high-speed and high-power gear transmission.


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