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Now the surface treatment industry needs a greener model

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Now the surface treatment industry needs a greener model

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As the trade friction between China and the United States intensifies, some people believe that low-end processing like surface treatment and building materials will gradually migrate to other countries like southeast Asia. To prevent the United States from imposing tariffs on their goods. Many entrepreneurs have visited Vietnam, Laos and other countries. The results were different. Upgrading and phasing out old technologies is nothing new for manufacturing, and China has been doing it for years.

But now, there is a dilemma between reform and survival. Due to the impact of the trade war, many Chinese enterprises are accelerating the pace of replacing and eliminating old technologies. It is more urgent than ever before for surface treatment enterprises to eliminate the traditional electroplating technology for environmental friendly alloy catalysis. How to control the cost while protecting the environmental protection problem has been a headache for surface treatment owners. Business migration is bound to involve cost changes, especially the cost of land, labor, technology and equipment inputs. Profit is the soul of enterprise.

In the surface treatment and processing enterprises, if not using the alloy catalytic liquid and other environmental protection technology, for the equipment that produces the scattered dust or harmful gas, should adopt the closed, isolated and negative pressure operation measures. After collecting waste gas and dust, each surface treatment enterprise should choose a mature and reliable waste gas treatment process according to the comprehensive analysis of waste gas production, pollutant composition and nature, temperature, pressure and other factors. For low concentration organic waste gas, when it has recovery value, adsorption technology should be adopted. When there is no recovery value, it is advisable to adopt adsorption and concentration combustion technology, regenerative thermal incineration technology, biological purification technology or plasma technology.

Dust waste gas produced by grinding should be treated by cloth bag dust removal, electrostatic dust removal or combined process with cloth bag dust removal as the core. Industrial boiler and industrial furnace exhaust gas priority to adopt clean energy and efficient purification process, and meet the main pollutant emission reduction requirements. Innovation ability needs to be enhanced. In the past, most of our surface treatment enterprises were passively adapting to the change of the market, and the transformation and innovation were often lagging behind, which led to many enterprises being at a loss. Surface treatment business development confidence is insufficient.

In recent years, due to the overlapping impact of environmental protection, taxes, financing, energy use, labor, land use, logistics and other costs, the profit rate of the main business of surface treatment enterprises above the scale is only around 6%, leading to insufficient enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and unstable expectations. The industry is at the middle and lower end of the global value chain. From the perspective of supply chain and value chain, most of China's surface treatment enterprises embed themselves into the global supply chain system in the mode of "OEM production", and lack the r&d and design capabilities, as well as the key core technologies, marketing channels and brands. In the surface treatment industry, both builders and participants need more efficient, more intelligent and more environmentally friendly ecological cooperation mode to support the huge and complex surface treatment supply and demand system, so as to realize the effective aggregation of resources and the multiplication of value, so as to meet the needs of customers.


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