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When decorating spray and roll besmear means to have what to differ

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When decorating spray and roll besmear means to have what to differ

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Dalian metal plastic spray paint, generally we are decorating, concrete can choose to do a layer outside, some people is to use the wallpaper, some people is to use wall brick, some people like to use emulsioni paint directly, generally use the wallpaper, wall is easy to damp mildewy, a few years later will become dirty and old, and wall brick generally will only in the bathroom and kitchen, otherwise the whole house are the ceramic tile of metope can appear very cold, a lot of people at home can use the tools roller coating, usually need to use roller, brush, flat paint brush, the metope of suitable for large area construction, workers in the roller coating way is decorated commonly, high effect, Flat paint brushes are needed for small areas or alternate colors.

Due to the different ways of spraying and rolling coating, spraying is not able to complete their own, at the same time, the need for tools will be more professional, rolling coating relatively simple, after all, workers in the craft before doing the wall, they are not sure, although the surface of spraying smoothness and color is more uniform. Spraying generally includes spraying oil, powder, etc., common is spraying oil.

Dalian metal plastic spray paint, in fact, I hate to use the general, such as adverbs, are for the sake of rigor. No matter be spray oil or spray powder all need to be treated before, also can say so, the surface treatment all need to be treated before, the processed parts dirty pull a few, go spraying, certainly not.

This time need to deal with the former, and in your drawings technical requirements of strictly also need to write the indicated, such as you're writing processing after the completion of the oil removal, the surface is clean, cleaning, washing, phosphating strengthen ability to resist corrosion and water washing to dry, then powder spraying, powder spraying thickness of 0.08 mm, can through the experiment. Spraying equipment has manual, automatic hanging type, simple construction, coating thickness of 30 microns or more, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance (entry "weather resistance" provided by the industry large dictionary), etc., paint is cheaper than fluorocarbon.

Fluorocarbon spraying features: long-term resistance to wind, rain and sunlight in the ultraviolet light, industrial waste gas, acid rain and chemical corrosion, can maintain long-term luster, easy to clean, will not change color, fade peeling, blowout, powder, etc., the service life of more than 20 years. Because of the difference of use method, the effect also can be different, cannot say absolutely which kind of use method is good, want according to emulsioni paint construction area and actual need, choose appropriate go up lacquer method.


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