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Wall is to use spray paint or wallpaper

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Wall is to use spray paint or wallpaper

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Dalian metal plastic spray paint, wallpaper is a kind of green environmental protection wall decoration materials, wallpaper itself is not any pollution, so compared to paint for a lot of safety; Change at any time, as the elapse of time, wallpaper may be out of date, this time USES wallpaper to be able to change very conveniently, should tear originally only come in pasting new can. Cleaning is more difficult, if the wallpaper surface is stained after cleaning is more difficult.

This also is a drawback of wallpaper, the trouble that compares on maintaining; Wallpaper itself, although there is no pollution, but the wallpaper glue contains a certain amount of pollutants, so small make up the suggestion that we use the relatively high-end glue in the purchase of glue, try to reduce the pollutants of glue. The price is relatively practical, general metope adornment does not spend how much money can brush metope good, calculate those who use is relatively well-known paint price also won't be very expensive; Paint is relatively durable, use fixed number of year should grow than wallpaper, the use fixed number of year of general paint can achieve 20 years, inside this paragraph of time completely need not worry about metope to appear what problem.

Dalian metal plastic spray paint from the use of functional considerations: wallpaper is more beautiful, rich patterns, colors are more, the style is not a few, if it is local use can really point with face, foil the whole household atmosphere; But wallpaper time grows after edge horn can become warped rise, affect very beautiful, and the wallpaper with poor quality still can suffuse yellow; Paint besmear is brushed conveniently, color is chosen leisurely, environmental protection degree is high, suit large area besmear brush, save Labour and time; Consider from environmental protection Angle, wallpaper because use nitrile lacquer or glue to serve as main binder, so inevitable want to have a large number of formaldehyde to release, endanger the person's health.

And the material that still contains a few other harmful to the body inside wallpaper, when choosing, must whole course check, must not be taken lightly; Coating is relatively a few with respect to save worry, because need to brush it only on the wall can, so although have slight formaldehyde to release also be in the range that accords with national standard, won't have big harm to human body; The choice that decorates the most important is material, to metope decorates material, not be absolutely, do not have the cent of stand or fall, only appropriate not appropriate.

Dalian metal plastic spray paint with cheap, non-toxic, odorless, convenient construction and other advantages. Dry wipe not to drop pink, because its form film content is water-soluble, always want to leave some trace after swabbing with wet cloth so, durability is bad also, easy pan yellow discoloration, but its price is cheap, construction is very convenient also. Do not use open flame or smoke when painting; Painting equipment should be well grounded to eliminate static electricity; Paint room paint and solvent inventory should not be too much, generally limited by the day's dosage.


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