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What reason does bubble appear when spraying spray since spray paint

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What reason does bubble appear when spraying spray since spray paint

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Dalian metal plastic spray paint is not fully shaken before spraying, paint fluid is not evenly mixed; Continuous spray paint, spray paint in front of a time after not stop, and so on after the paint table to continue to spray; Before spraying, it is necessary to clean the sprayed workpiece with cleaning agent, and then spray paint after removing pollutants; If there have been bubbles, paint particles solution: for small bubbles, small paint particles, can wait for paint film surface dry, with a clean cotton cloth wipe and spray again; If relatively serious bubble, lacquer grain, must wait for paint film to be completely dry after sanding paper is worn smooth hind respraying.

Can use such things as paper cover elsewhere, in case of false spray nozzle to distance need to spray paint in 20 to 30 cm, too close to paint, try to keep uniform spray, can be quick, as far as possible don't slow, spray spray again after 5 to 7 minutes, 3 to 5 times the basic cover want to spray, if not satisfied can spray a few times more, if not careful flow, wait for after its are with a knife or sand paper to grind, spray on it twice.

Dalian metal and plastic paint pay attention to the environmental temperature and humidity, prevent exposure to the sun, the temperature is too low, the environment is too dry and other phenomena. Adjust the gun when the amount of paint is too large, the airflow is too large, resulting in thick coating, and later splash, so easy to appear bubbles. Paint viscosity is too high, a coating thick, thick wood catheter, hole filling contains air; Spray air pressure is too high, paint mixed with too much air. Excessive temperature difference between coating and coated surface. Excessive coating environment temperature or relative humidity.

When the coating is heated to dry, the temperature is too high, the coating does not have enough standing time before heating, the solvent is not fully volatilized, the paint itself into bubbles, the bubbles generated during stirring are not eliminated, and so on. Should choose hot air to spray the paint that gun removes blister, let wood nature dry, brush next on primer, repair on lacquer again on lacquer surface.

If there is no water in bubble of dalian metal plastic spray paint, it may be wood grain craze, there is a little air, bask in by the sun, air expands, patent leather rises. The element that produces defect of this kind of besmear is very much, if be in, do not have the besmear on the base course that go through dry, when paint film is dry hind, the dissolvent of interior or moisture is heated expand and blow paint film, form bubble; When processing metal bottom layer again, the moisture that accumulates in sunken pit place did not do not do except, because local rust and bubble. If dust spots are present, polish to a smooth surface and reapply. For minor dust spots, use fine sandpaper to polish and polish.


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