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Notes after car painting

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Notes after car painting

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After all, metal and plastic paint paint is also a certain difficulty, paint back with the year, the use of different environments and different, so a skilled master, will be relatively consistent color, this paint work is very long. Paint of any color will fade in sunlight. In fact, not only paint, but anything with color can fade in the sun.

At this point, how to add additives in the paint is very important. In fact, there have been cases of paint damage even when things are put on the production line. General small abrade, paint surface has scar, scar pan is white. That's the scratched surface of the paint. There's no need to fix the paint. For light, use sand wax or wax a few more times. Heavy, do a polishing is ok.

Generally speaking, the bumper, the rearview mirror and the wheel brow of some cars these parts are engineering plastics. It doesn't rust. It's not a big problem except it's ugly. Although the baking temperature of the repair paint is relatively low, it does not mean that it does not need to be baked or replaced by other methods. Even though the paint is sprayed, there are still minor imperfections, so the repairman will use fine cosmetic sandpaper or a polishing machine to polish the car and restore its luster.

In the use of paint, thinner, and paint, paint remover, and other related liquid, not only to have a dedicated and set, the material is quite good masks, protective clothing, and with better position the environment of ventilation and exhaust, and shall not be due to the volatilization of paint or waste Yangtze casually in the air and disturbing the surrounding environment, even affect the life of the surrounding residents. To what extent is polished to what extent, if the primer is cut, with a dry mill directly through paint, 180 dry abrasive paper mat, along the scratches to play in the past, clean if see iron, you will need to use sheet metal putty leveling, if not, then grinding scope is big, the transition a little better, feels no AoTuGan, then spray paint spray: by the way do not need to fill soil.

Spray paint such as metal plastic car wash in the car wash, should prevent the use of car wash detergent to remove wax, so as not to hurt the paint surface. Scrub a car to want to use clean, soft wipe cloth or sponge, prevent mix metal shavings and grit, do not use dry cloth, dry towel, dry sponge to wipe a car, lest leave Nick. For some special corrosive traces (such as asphalt, bird droppings, insects, etc.), should be removed in time. To this, must use special cleaner to clean, cannot use blade to scrape or eliminate with gasoline at will, lest harm lacquer surface.


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