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Painting also should have a knack

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Painting also should have a knack

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Dalian metal plastic spray paint with clean water to paint the appropriate viscosity, to paint -4 viscosity meter measurement, the appropriate viscosity is generally 20 seconds to 30 seconds. If there is no viscometer at the moment, the air pressure is better controlled at 0.3~0.4 mpa (3~4 kg force/sq. cm). Pressure is too small, paint spray bad, appearance will form pitting; Pressure is too easy to hang, and paint fog is too large, both damage paint and affect health.

The specific size of the interval should be adjusted according to the variety of paint, viscosity and air pressure. Slow drying paint spraying interval can be a little farther, quick drying paint spraying interval can be a little closer; When viscosity is thick, it can be a little closer, when viscosity is thin, it can be a little farther; When air pressure is high, distance can be a little bit. When gush arrives when object face two ends, the hand that pulls gush gun trigger wants agile loose, make lacquer mist is cut, because of both sides of object face, often want to accept the spray of twice above, it is simpler to form the place that flow hangs.

Dalian metal plastic spray painting, the next one should hold down 1/3 or 1/4 of the previous one, so as not to show leakage phenomenon. When spraying quick-drying paint, it is necessary to finish spraying in order at one time. In the outdoor wide local spraying, should pay attention to the wind direction (strong wind is not suitable for work), the operator should stand in the direction of the wind, to prevent paint fog has been blown to the spray paint film on the formation of ugly granular appearance. Difficult before easy, inside before out. First high hind low place, first small area hind large area, the lacquer mist splash that won't form hind gush so goes up to already gush good paint film, damage already gush good paint film.

Getting rid of the roots is a good way. Photogreen pigment extracted from plants can enhance the photosensitivity of plants and the photosensitivity of photocatalyst. It makes up for the weakness of photocatalyst. Even in the indoor environment, even in the very weak light environment, the green element can also play a very strong deformaldehyde effect. Paint has a lot of chemical elements, contains a lot of harmful substances, if pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy during embryonic development have don't touch these harmful substances, hazardous substances can make abnormal embryonic development, common is cleft lip and palate, if long-term living in late pregnancy these harmful material in can affect fetal brain development.

Dalian metal plastic spray paint the main problem of stainless steel spray paint, stainless steel surface is very smooth, general paint can not adhere, resulting in paint film off, paint off. Use stainless steel special paint to ensure that the brush does not appear problems. After the primer is dry, it is necessary to apply topcoat. The color of primer is relatively single, without decoration, but it can guarantee adhesion, no paint, good rust resistance. Topcoat can be polyurethane, epoxy, fluorocarbon, acrylic, etc., according to the specific construction environment and requirements.


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