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What harm does dalian spray paint have?

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What harm does dalian spray paint have?

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Dalian metal plastic spray paint contains more formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful chemicals, easy to induce leukemia, its harm to the human body has the characteristics of long-term, latent, hidden, so it is easy to be ignored by people. The harm of spray painting is greater, spray painting is longer than paint working time, paint is just in the paint use process according to the need to adjust the process of the physical parameters of paint liquid construction, usually with diluents (also can become solvent or thinner) to adjust the viscosity of paint liquid.

Spray painting is a method of applying to the surface of the coated material by dispersing into uniform and fine droplets with the help of air pressure through the spray gun. In the case of paint without protection, the concentration of benzene in the air of the workplace is quite high, which is harmful to paint workers. Long-term exposure to benzene can cause chronic poisoning, resulting in leukopenia, platelet reduction, bone marrow hematopoietic dysfunction and other diseases.

Dalian metal plastic painting, is a more traditional way of painting, using brush construction. Brush paint also have brush marks, brush easy hair; Construction efficiency is 3 in the way of painting a lower one, time-consuming and laborious; And encounter quick dry or poor leveling paint, easy to appear brush mark, paint film uneven phenomenon. Leave it in a dry place for at least a week. After the paint is completely dry, polish it completely. When going up lacquer again, should gush less, the principle of many times, color lacquer, want to be able to assure color even calculate gush only good, gush of a layer, do not be impatient, gush very thick. Color paint does not have to pursue thickness.

After spraying the smooth oil, let it stand for one to two weeks, completely dry, you can choose to polish, from coarse to fine sandpaper polish, polish the smooth oil surface, can polish paste better. If not polished, the glossy surface is also very shiny, absolutely comparable to piano paint. When painting, be sure to take the spray can within a certain distance from the surface, and then use the uniform speed to paint, this can make painting more uniform, in addition can not always be in a point painting, so you can prevent the situation of paint left. Before painting, be sure to test spray, see the color effect, so that painting can achieve the expected effect.

Dalian metal plastic spray paint to see others using self-spray paint, often is a simple cleaning, or wipe with a cloth, or even direct paint, which is not correct. The correct way is to use detergent, careful cleaning, not only to pour clean the dust, mainly clean the grease, including oil, sweat, etc., these grease is the enemy of paint, easy to fall off one of the main reasons is the grease. Don't trust your eyes. Just because you can't see grease doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


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