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Does the active agent affect the surface treatment of metal

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Does the active agent affect the surface treatment of metal

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Dalian metal surface treatment, surface active agent in the application of the principle is through the water base metallic detergent.this surfactant moist, osmosis, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization properties, lessened the oil on the metal surface adhesion or offset, mechanical and physical methods to accelerate the oil from metal surface and entering lotion by emulsification, dispersion and suspension or increase sol in the beam.

In order to improve the cleaning ability of alkaline cleaning agent, a small amount of surfactant is added to emulsify the mineral oil that cannot be saponified into the lotion. In pickling process produces a large amount of acid mist that affect workers in good health, and environmental pollution, as well as the corrosion of plant and equipment, in order to improve the cleaning effect and prevent acid pickling corrosion, sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid in the acid liquid adding surface active agent, to inhibit acid fog, speed up the pickling and prevent the occurrence of corrosion. The high surface activity of fluoroactive surfactants depends on the hydrophobicity and low molecular cohesion of the carbon-fluorine bonds.

Dalian metal surface treatment it can reduce the surface tension of water to very low values, but the concentration used is very small. According to the different properties of hydrophilic groups, different series of fluoroactive agents including anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric were prepared. High surface activity of fluorinated surfactants was caused because of its small van der Waals force between the molecules of surfactant molecules in aqueous solution to the solution surface tension of small, led to the surfactant molecules in solution on the surface of a large number of accumulation, the hydrocarbon surfactant adsorption in oil/water boundary surface, reduce the interfacial tension, so that it will can improve the wettability of aqueous solution.

Fluorinated surfactants have good dehydrating properties, which are helpful for the surface dehydrating of some decorative plated species. Using this kind of antistatic agent to clean the surface of magnetic drum and magnetic switch in video recorder, the effect is far superior to that of general cleaner or cleaning belt, and can prolong the service life of magnetic drum and magnetic switch.

Adding fluorinated surfactant to iridum wax can improve the luster, wear resistance and pollution resistance of the floor. Fluorinated surfactants can also be used as additives for petroleum recovery, oil collectors on the surface, metal preservatives and metal luster treatment agents. When the surfactant forms micelles in aqueous solution, it has the ability to significantly increase the solubility of insoluble or slightly soluble organic compounds, and the solution is transparent at this time. This action of micelles is called solubilization.


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