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Dalian metal surface treatment can improve the life of metal

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Dalian metal surface treatment can improve the life of metal

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Dalian metal surface treatment stainless steel parts in the manufacturing process, after transportation, marking, blanking forming and welding, each procedure as long as a little attention, there will be scratches, scratches, hammer marks on the surface of the parts. The corrosion resistance of parts is reduced, which directly affects the service life. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel parts, extend the service life of the products, so the stainless steel parts must be passivated surface treatment of stainless steel.

Low carbon steel wire is an untreated wire. It rusts easily when left outdoors and takes only a day to rust on rainy days. Dip processing is a common surface treatment method of bilateral wire guardrail nets, dip is also called plastic coating, the early work pieces are derusting, grinding.

Dalian metal surface treatment dip plastic treatment is the use of thermoplastic powder, melted plastic layer has the characteristics of waterproof and airtight, plastic layer covering on the metal, can effectively isolate oxygen and moisture, metal isolation source of rust. Plastic spraying is the use of electrostatic adsorption principle, to the metal workpiece electrification, so as to produce adsorption, and then the plastic powder sprayed on the metal wire, metal wire adsorption a certain amount of powder will stop adsorption, and then heat the workpiece, when the surface of the powder melted will be evenly covered on the surface of the metal. Of course, spray plastic is not without advantages, spray plastic surface is very beautiful, very bright, suitable for some decorative role of the fence network.

No matter what kind of material climbing fence has a certain number of years of use, in order to extend its service life needs to know some climbing fence maintenance skills. Powder spraying is a kind of dry surface treatment technology, it is a kind of fine pigment particles through electrostatic treatment, spraying on the anti-skid plate to form a coating, after curing to form a solid layer of protective film. The components in the formulation of heavy anti-corrosion coatings (mainly the molecular structure of the film) must have a good binding force with the matrix. From the point of view of the action process, wear and friction generally occur at the same time, and affect each other.

The single wear of dalian metal surface treatment mainly focuses on the loss of surface material, while the friction focuses on the force that hindering relative motion by mechanical energy consumption. Although they are not inherent properties of materials, they are closely related to the structure, composition and tribology system of materials. Because the film forming material structure contains a long chain structure with hydroxyl group, which is conducive to the dispersion and curing of pigment and makes the cured coating have good impact resistance.


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