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Common methods of metal surface treatment in dalian

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Common methods of metal surface treatment in dalian

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Dalian metal surface treatment mainly from the surface and anodic oxidation process cleaning water. Metal ions, phosphates and inorganic salts are low CODcr, which are usually treated by physicochemical treatment. Organic wastewater: mainly comes from wastewater with high chromatism, such as oil removal, coloring, etc., and high CODcr, containing high oil, dye and other organic substances. For this wastewater, chemical oxidation precipitation must be used first, and then biochemical methods are adopted to achieve the purpose of degradation chromatism and CODcr.

Concentrated waste liquid: surface treatment concentrated waste liquid mainly comes from the tank liquid discarded and replaced in various production processes. The main pollutants in the waste liquid are acid, alkali, heavy metal or organic matter of high concentration. If discharged into the wastewater treatment system, the treatment facilities will not work normally. It should be sent to hazardous waste treatment stations for outward transport or recycling. It is a necessary condition to produce the products with high precision and good surface quality by using the mould surface treatment technology reasonably. These technologies have many problems such as uneven surface hardness distribution and heat treatment deformation.

The common concern of dalian metal surface treatment is the application of new technologies, such as surface coating technology, TD cladding technology, laser surface strengthening technology and electron beam strengthening technology. Another development direction of heat treatment technology improvement is to combine traditional heat treatment technology with advanced surface treatment technology to improve the service life of die casting die. For example, the chemical heat treatment method of carbon nitriding, combined with the conventional quenching and tempering process of NQN, that is, carbon nitriding - quenching - carbon nitriding compound strengthening. Changes the steel wire diameter of stainless steel brush, may obtain the different thickness grain.

Discontinuous silk lines are usually processed on a brushing machine or erasing machine. Making principle: adopt two sets of differential wheels rotating in the same direction. The upper set is the grinding roller rotating rapidly, and the lower set is the cots rotating slowly. Aluminum or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two sets of rollers and is brushed with fine intermittent straight lines.

Dalian metal surface treatment ripple is generally made in the brushing machine or erasing machine. By using the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers, the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate is brushed to obtain wavy patterns. A straight edge polyester film is attached to the pallet to limit thread race. By means of the rotation of felt and the straight movement of drag plate, the thread lines with the same width can be found on the surface of aluminum plate. The oxidation coloring of aluminum alloy is a kind of surface treatment technology commonly used in small mechanical and electrical products.


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