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What is the purpose of stainless steel surface treatment

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What is the purpose of stainless steel surface treatment

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The first kind of dalian metal surface treatment is mainly for the purpose of oil removal and decontamination, its main components are sodium carbonate, sodium metasilicate, etc., at the same time add anionic and other active agents or dispersants, make into industrial cleaning agent, use ultrasonic machine and other machines to remove impurities. The shortcomings of this treatment agent are mainly reflected in the complex treatment process, which requires heating of the treatment agent and the consumption of a large amount of water resources. At the same time, the cleaning time is longer. It is mainly through the combined action of phosphoric acid and surfactant and other substances, the formation of phosphating film on the surface of the metal, not only can achieve the purpose of oil removal and rust, but also can isolate air, play the purpose of rust prevention.

The electroplated stainless steel rivet parts are immersed in an aqueous solution containing deposited metal compounds, and the electroplated metal is precipitated and deposited on the parts by passing through the plating solution with an electric current. The result is that the ferro-zinc alloy on the surface of the steel becomes the passivated zinc on the surface of the product. Hot dip aluminum plating is a similar process.

Dalian metal surface treatment hot dip galvanized on the contrary, thicker coating deposition inside the corner and the bottom of the thread, mechanical plating coating metal deposition trend and hot dip plating, but more smooth and the thickness on the whole surface to be much more uniform. When there are small solid particles in the plating solution, it will become the catalytic reduction center. The main salt metal ions with low content in the plating solution will be quickly reduced and consumed on these particles rather than on the workpiece, and the plating solution will soon become ineffective and scrapped. Sometimes have to thicken coating, resulting in reduced production efficiency, cost increase; All kinds of large mechanical particles cause coating burr, rough and must be reworked.

Only keep the bath highly clean, can reduce the failure, reduce rework, improve quality, reduce the comprehensive cost, improve the market competitiveness. During spraying, different types of stress will be generated when spraying particles solidify on the surface of the substrate, which will affect the self-strength and bonding strength of the coating. Dehumidification and surface activation are beneficial to the combination of the coating and the substrate, and to control the expansion of the substrate relative to the coating.

Dalian metal surface treatment can control the temperature of the substrate. For iron powder, the temperature of the substrate can be controlled before spraying and preheated to about 150 ° C, which can make the carbide phase in the coating precipitate out fully and improve the wear resistance of the coating. Because the new layer is relatively pure, it is not easily corroded in acid or alkali environments. Long time effective protection of steel body. Zinc coating has good ductility, in a variety of bending, handling impact will not be easily dropped.


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