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How does dalian metal surface treatment prevent corrosion

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How does dalian metal surface treatment prevent corrosion

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Dalian metal surface treatment because of phosphate film, with good penetration, paint and metal bonding firm. Therefore, phosphating treatment of metal can greatly improve its corrosion resistance and is a common surface treatment method. The application of bioduanate is involved in many fields of national economy, it has unique application effect in automobile industry, household appliance industry, shipbuilding industry, bridge and beam industry, oil and gas pipeline production, food industry, chemical industry, construction industry and so on.

Surface modification of metals, also known as surface optimization, is to change the composition, structure and properties of the surface and near surface of materials by means of ion beam, laser, plasma and other new technologies, so as to obtain new thin layer materials that cannot be obtained by traditional metallurgy and surface treatment technologies, or to make traditional materials have better performance. According to different USES, different materials are selected to form corrosion resistant alloys, or alloy elements are added to the metal to improve its corrosion resistance, which can prevent or slow down the corrosion of the metal.

Dalian metal surface treatment steel products after oil, rust, put into a specific composition of phosphate solution to soak, can form a layer of insoluble phosphate film on the metal surface, this process is called phosphating treatment. Enamel is a glass enamel with high SiO2 content and good corrosion resistance. Therefore, as a non-metallic corrosion resistance coating, enamel is widely used in petrochemical industry, medicine, instrument and other industrial sectors and daily necessities.

Reducing the concentration of corrosive medium, removing the oxygen in the medium, controlling the ambient temperature and humidity can reduce and prevent metal corrosion. The protected metal and another additional electrode are used as the two poles of the electrolytic cell, so that the protected metal is used as the cathode, and the cathode is protected under the action of the external direct current. Although the corrosion of metal brings great harm to production, it can also use the principle of corrosion to serve production and develop corrosion processing technology.

Dalian metal surface treatment and hot dip galvanizing production process, its limitations are relatively large, the application of steel derrick and wellbore equipment and other large components is difficult, and the complex shape of steel components, because it is affected by high temperature, will cause the deformation of steel components, thereby affecting its role. The principle of arc spraying coating is the combination of cathodic protection and mechanical shielding. However, due to the particularity of underground gas, gas explosion is easily caused by arc, so this technology is difficult to be applied in underground.


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