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Environmental protection technology for metal surface treatment

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Environmental protection technology for metal surface treatment

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The general additive treatment of dalian metal surface treatment includes electroplating thermal spraying laser cladding, among which electroplating has a more serious impact on the environment, thermal spraying is the second, and the surface treatment after laser cladding is a difficult problem. The surface directly produces a layer of hardened layer, is the most environmentally friendly form, hawker energy technology, no removal of materials, no dust.

Sandblasting treatment can be arbitrary choice between different roughness, and other processes are not able to achieve this, manual grinding can produce a rough surface but the speed is too slow action, chemical solvent cleaning cleaning surface is too smooth not conducive to coating bonding. Part oil removal is not complete or improper storage during machining, dust falls on the surface, put for a long time, dust and grease stick, it is difficult to remove and form small oil spots, the bubbles stay on the above; Parts pickling rust is not thorough or pickling time is too long to produce corrosion, the surface scattered with carbon points, plating coating can only deposit around non-conductive particles and form pinholes.

Dalian metal surface treatment is suitable for black metal electrodeposition paint removal. No. 37086 ferrous metal rust removal oil passivation phosphating treatment liquid technology contains oil removal agent, rust removal agent, passivating agent (dichromate), phosphating agent (soluble phosphate) and other ingredients, simultaneously in the same tank for rust removal, oil removal, passivating, phosphating treatment. The method of chemical polishing can remove the black oxide film on the surface. The treatment solution consists of two parts: oil removal solution and etch solution.

Mainly used for washing various mechanical parts, replacing gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other organic solvents to remove various oily pollutants. Safe use, no secondary pollution, can save energy and improve working conditions, suitable for soaking, spraying, ultrasonic wave, oscillation and other cleaning forms. Some metals are electroplated. Such as gold plating, nickel plating, chromium plating to meet special requirements (such as different color effects or special applications).

Dalian metal surface treatment, environmental protection new technology of metal surface treatment, alloy catalytic liquid technology to replace the traditional electroplating, no harm emissions, no pollution, workers will not produce occupational diseases. Because biological phytates will not pollute the environment, they can fundamentally reverse the serious pollution caused by excessive discharge of gold surface treatment in the machinery industry. It can improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, smoothness and corrosion resistance of type parts, improve the competitiveness of mechanical products in the international market, reduce the cost of surface treatment, and obtain good economic benefits.


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