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Notes before metal and plastic coating

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Notes before metal and plastic coating

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Dalian metal plastic coating metal color, it is not the way to cover color, so can't spray gloss black, metal color is joined in color paint metal particles produced by metal feeling, but the main color is normal color, so the hiding power is very limited, cover color, the color is pure metal spraying color, such as silver, and then in the above spray transparent red or other transparent color, the color is more bright, metal color dark color itself, such as red, to join the metal particles become dark red, some hair grey, xinan state background gush out bright silver, like spray transparent red, red, and even more vivid colors.

Tungsten disulfide powder can be sprayed on the substrate surface by dry air under pressure of 0.8mpa (120psi). Spray can be carried out at room temperature with a coating thickness of 0.5 micron. In the other, the powder is mixed with isopropyl alcohol and the paste is applied to the substrate. At present, tungsten disulfide coating has been used in many fields, such as automobile parts, racing engine parts, aviation parts, bearings, shafts, deep-sea carrier tools, cutting tools, blades, cutting tools, knives, stripping, high-precision bearings, valve components, pistons, chains and so on.

Dalian metal plastic coating is the electrostatic powder coating we often talk about, and its treatment technology is a more common decoration technology of metal surface treatment in the world since the 1980s. Compared with ordinary spray painting surface treatment, the advantages of this technology are advanced technology, energy saving, safety and reliability, bright color and so on. Therefore, it is often used in the field of light industry and household decoration.

And powder coating after high temperature baking leveling curing, plastic particles will melt into a layer of dense effect of different protective coating; Firmly adhere to the surface of the workpiece. 502 glue has certain toxicity, but the toxicity will be reduced after curing, but 502 glue after all is a cyanide compound, after decomposition there will be toxic substances. In the case of moisture vapor is catalyzed, rapid curing and adhesion. Non-toxic after curing. Under the catalysis of trace amount of water in the air, the addition polymerization reaction takes place, which rapidly solidifies and binds the adhesive.

Dalian metal plastic coating metal aluminum, especially aluminum foil or deposited on plastic, paper aluminum film texture is soft, wear resistance and scratch resistance is poor, aluminum alloy profile also has similar problems, need coating protection. Similar to traditional coating, most of the metal surface needs some form of pretreatment before metal coating, to improve the surface condition, so as to improve the adhesion of coating and enhance the anti-corrosion protection of metal substrate.


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